Safety Seal Product Instructions

The World's Finest Tubeless Tire Repair!

  • The original Self Vulcanizing, Clean, Easy to use, Economical, Permanent Tubeless Tire Repair System
  • Maximum Cost Savings at New Levels of Convenience
  • The Proven Leader in Tubeless Tire Repair

100 ATVC-6 (ATV Kit)

Part # Safety Seal Tire Repair Kits
KATVTI ATV Kit w/ CO2 cartridges
100 CPB-30 Plastic Box, Probe, 30 Refills
100 TPB-30 Plastic Box, Probe, 30 Refills TRUCK
100 EMP-18 OTR Kit: Plastic Case, 18 Repairs

100 CPB-30 (Car Kit)

100 TPB-30 (Truck Kit)

120 C-60 (Car Kit Refill)

120 T-30 (Truck Kit Refill

Part # Safety Seal Replacement Refills
120 C-60 60 Repl. Plugs for 100 CBT-30 Kit
120 T-30 30 Repl. Plugs for 100 TPB-30 Kit
120 EM-30 30 Repl. Plugs for 100 EMP-18 Kit

Part # Safety Seal Accessories
102 Safety Seal insertion needle - CAR KIT
102 T Safety Seal insertion needle - TRUCK KIT
108 Safety Seal insertion tool - CAR KIT
108 T Safety Seal insertion tool - TRUCK KIT
140 T-SP Safety Seal Spreader Probe CAR & TRUCK
103 Safety Seal Lube
BLSQTF Safety Seal Bead Leak Sealer - quart

The answer to Your Repair Needs!

Saves Time-- Eliminates long waits for service trucks; no drying time; no curing time.
Saves Labor-- Many repairs can be made right on the wheel.
Makes Money-- Gets the vehicle back in service FAST.
Clean-- No messy cements. NOT A LIQUID SEALANT!
Safe-- Cannot damage the inner liner. Not a dangerous aerosol sealant.
Reliable-- Almost 900 million repairs sold worldwide. Billions of miles driven on our repairs.
Permanent-- Tests show that Safery Seal outlasts the tire. Truly, this is "The Ultimate Test."
Economical-- No leakage, no breaks, no comebacks.
Long Shelf Life-- In excess of 6 years.
Unbreakable-- Using special tools and our patented insertion tool, break strength exceeds 400 lbs.
Beware!-- Insist on the original. Imitations abound. If it does not say "Safety Seal" it's an imitation.

The World's Finest Tubeless Tire Repair!

Used by: Sold by:
The U.S. Military Equipment Dealers
Leading Car Rental Fleets Landscap Suppliers
Leading Truck Rental Fleets Rental Centers
Equipment Dealers Truck Dealers
Contractors Equipment Manufacturers
Farmers Cooperatives
Truck Dealers Agricultural Supply
Rental Centers Specialists
Tire Dealers Off-Road Dealers
Service Stations Hunting & Fishing Supply
Golf Courses Stores
Hunters and many more!
and many more!  

The "On The Job Repair" For All Tubeless Tires!

If it's tubeless, chances are that Safety Seal can be used to repair it. Tires can be radial, non-radial, steel-belted, non-steel-belted, from golf cart size to earth mover size and everything in between. That includes tires used on cars, trucks, ATV's, SUV's, vans, mowers, wheelbarrows, loaders, unloaders, conveyors, tractors, trenchers, skid-steers, irrigation systems, roofing equipment, trailers, light-, medium-, and heavy-duty equipment for off-road use... and more.

Even the new "Run Flats" can be repaired with Safety Seal!

Safety Seal has been called an "outside-in" patch, since it forms a perfect seal throughout the entire injury from the tread to the inner liner. It's exceptional pliability results in its conforming to every irregularity in the injury, while it's flexibility allows it to flex with the tire.

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